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aabfan.com is... a companion site to nlfan.com for the American Association

A new site with a 10 year heritage

aabfan.com is a new site to cover the American Association (of Independent Professional Baseball) in the same manner my original site nlfan.com covers the Northern League. It ahs all the same features and shares the same discussion forums. Ballpark guides from nlfan.com have been copied in their entirety and new guides for the teams from the CBL and expansion will be completed (the pages are there but the content's missing) after ballpark visits.

aabfan.com is...  The American Association Ballpark Travel Guide

Following your team on the road is fun! But...

The information on most webs and in official programs (or media guides) don't cover some of the basics that you need to know if you're traveling to other ballparks. Some stadiums are harder to find than the brief directions suggest. Knowing where to find lodging near the stadium or how hard it may be to come by isn't hinted at in these sources. Places like Sioux City can be pretty well booked and you'll want reservations --but this isn't mentioned.

Knowing where the park is, and some places near it, saves time and trouble. Because I've "been there, and done that (at least once for each park)" I created this web. My goal is to provide a source for people wanting to know the real details for going to any American Association game. In a sense this is the American Association Travel Guide, so feel free to print sections (unless you're going to reprint it somewhere then ask for permission) and tell people where you found it.

aabfan.com is...   The American Association Collectibles Guide

Like it's sister site, aabfan.com has an online display of many collectibles including: bobbleheads, card sets, lapel pins, media guides, pocket schedules (sorry no magnetics), and souvenir programs. The collection on this site starts with the innaugural season (2006). For former NoL teams there are links to the nlfan.com collectibles collections. Sorry, there are no plans at this time to provide collectibles archives of the former CBL teams of items not sold during their time in the AA.

aabfan.com is home to the...   American Association Discussion Forums

For now aabfan.com shares discussion forums with nlfan.com. In many ways the "birth" of the league was chronicled in the nlfan.com forums and the connections between the two of them are very strong --if not (highly?) contensious. As long as the fans of the two leagues remain "civil" the combined fan base will lead to lively discussion.

The forums, though free, are member supported. They are run through ezboard hosting service and "normally" would be peppered with pop-ups, banner ads, and other annoyances. A community chest (one of many ezboard services) was set up for fans to donate money to keep them away. Thanks to several donations of $5 or $10, it's been free of advertising starting within weeks of its launch.

aabfan.com is also...

aabfan.com is a way to Spot the Webmaster

Thanks to nlfan.com site I've made friends all around the league (and world!). After receiving numerous invitations to meet people on my trips I decided I'd make it "easier" by telling people how to find me. Along the way I thought it'd be "fun" if it was "sort of a contest." The only prize is getting one of my cards (and the dubious honor of actually meeting me). If you "spot the webmaster" and send me a scan or a copy of the photo I'll add it to the collection. The collection starts anew on this site as I travel it and meet more new friends and fans.

aabfan.com is updated frequently for accuracy

Some guide descriptions vary in their accuracy or currentness based on my (faulty) memory or updates from people (fans and team management) who emailed comments and corrections. This web is made better from such help and the webmaster appreciates it. Please send me corrections, suggestions, and other ideas on what would make these guides helpful.

aabfan.com is a source of pride (vanity?) in games attended

The gratuitous attendance figures will show the AA games that I attend and will "start anew" in many ways compated to my Northern League atttendance.

Amongst the most common questions is "How can you afford to travel to all those ballparks?" The answer isn't that I'm rich or anything --I'm not. I keep costs down by staying at inexpensive motels or finding deals (such as AAA discounts) on lodging. Unlike in the Northern League, my home in St. Paul is not centrally located. Travel to the southern division will be difficult but I plan to visit all the ballparks eventually. If I could get to Edmonton and Calgary for the NoL, I can make it to El Paso and Pensacola too.

aabfan.com is "a labor of love"

Though this is brand new, it's big brother heads has been around for over TEN years. That site grew from a handful of pages (only 15 in '96) to well over 700 (as of 2006) . Hours and hours of work have gone into making one of the best baseball sites on the web. And though tiring (fixing bad links over dozens of pages isn't the best way to spend an evening) it has been a lot of fun. The same efforts will be put into this site as I follow the St. Paul Saints into the 21st Century American Association.