El Paso


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Photo of playing field
Cohen Stadium (June 2007)

Field Details

Photo center field fence
Center field fence (palm trees peeking over it)
Field Dimensions
Left Center Right
340 410 340

Dugouts & Bullpens

  • Diablos are on the third base side,
    opponents on first base
  • Dugouts are recessed concrete "bunkers" mostly below ground level and well back from the field
  • Permanent camera wells are on the outfield side of both dugouts
  • Both bullpens are behind short chain link fences and out of play
  • Clubhouses are on each side of field with entrances in outfield fence

Fences & Field

  • Fences are 20' tall
  • Dimensions are even on both sides
  • Foul territory starts deep around the plate and narrows most of way to outfield fence

Webmaster's game assessment

Photo of first base line
First base line looking toward home

Cohen Stadium for baseball doesn't have any unique quirks. It's oriented with hitters looking towards the southeast. This might be uncomfortable during the afternoon but there are few, if any, day games (probably because of the desert heat).

Photo of first base line
Third base line looking toward foul poul
and home clubhouse

The dimensions are equal on both sides (340') with a even, graceful curve to center field (at 410'). The symmetry extends behind home plate where there is a good deal of foul ground for catchers to field foul popups.

One thing it has is a very tall outfield fence (approx. 20' or more). This helps compensate for a relatively high altitude (around 3,500 ft.) that makes the air a little thinner and dryer in the high desert around El Paso.

As mentioned as comfortable for fans is that the sun sets early (and high) in the Franklin Mountains. Even in June shadows extend to the pitcher's mound early in the game. This also keeps the sun out of the outfielders eyes.

Overall this is a great ballpark for both fans and players.

Photo of playing field
View from center field