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Cohen Stadium

At the foot of the mountains, just off the Transmountain

Directions with Google Maps

NOTE: Address of park is 9700 Gateway Blvd.

Parking lots shown in blue

Photo of parking lot
First Base Parking Lot (looking south with "large flag")
parking lot sign
Parking entrance sign
parking lot sign
Parking Price Sign

From South on US 54 / Patriot Highway
(Heading north from downtown)

  1. Take Patriot Highway North from downtown
  2. Take Diana Drive Exit (Exit 8)
  3. Exit off ramp merges with (becomes) Gateway Boulevard
  4. Continue straight on Gateway after crossing Diana Dr.
  5. Ballpark will be on right.
  6. First base parking is first right into ballpark (general parking)
  7. VIP Diamond lot is second right into ballpark (season ticket holders)
  8. More general parking can be found by turning right (east) onto Cohen Ave. (north side of ballpark)

From West
(Las Cruces NM, western suburbs, scenic route)

  1. Take I-10 to Highway 375 Trans Mountain Drive Exit (Exit 6)
  2. Follow 375 east up into Franklin Mountains State Park, through the (mile high) pass (with optional stop to enjoy view), and down east side
  3. At traffic light continue east on 375 under US 54 (Patriot Hwy) and through traffic light
  4. Continue straight east on 375 one (city) block to next traffic light at Kenworthy St.
  5. Turn right (south) on Kenworthy
  6. South one block on Kenworthy (ballpark is on right)
  7. Entrance to third base lot is off Kenworthy (on right)
  8. If you miss both options you can loop back using next right on Whispering Pines or later option at Diana Drive
  9. If you turned right onto Gateway Blvd S (one way south) you can (only) loop back at Diana Dr. to reach Gateway Blvd. N

From North US 54 (Almagordo, NM)

  1. South on US 54 to Highway 375 (Trans Mountain; Exit 9)
  2. At traffic light turn left (east) onto 375 under US 54 (Patriot Hwy) and through traffic light
  3. Continue straight east on 375 one (city) block to next traffic light at Kenworthy St.
  4. Turn right (south) on Kenworthy
  5. South one block on Kenworthy (ballpark is on right)
  6. Turn right (west) on Cohen Ave. entrance will be on left
    See West directions for "loop" options

From East Hwy 375

  1. West on Highway 375 to traffic light at Kenworthy St.
  2. Turn left (south) on Kenworthy
  3. South one block on Kenworthy (ballpark is on right)
  4. Turn right (west) on Cohen Ave. entrance will be on left
    See West directions for "loop" options
Photo of VIP parking lot
View up VIP Diamond Lot step (looking like they lead to mountains)

Where is it on the map?

Photo view from mountain pass
View from mountain pass
(ballpark canopy in lower right, Highway 375 is major road on left)

You're unlikely to find Cohen Stadium on most maps, at least major state and atlas maps. It's well north of downtown El Paso (which is along the river and I-10) and in the northern suburbs or neighborhoods.

What you will find is the intersection of Texas Highway 375 and US 54 which is only one (large city) block north of the ballpark. In fact, what's rarely noted is that the ballpark is really right at the foot of the mountains. It goes "mountains, freeway (US 54), ballpark" almost on the transmountain itself.

Another clue where it is on the map is the major turn in the Patriot Highway from due north to north-northeast (towards Alamagordo, NM). This turn is roughly a mile north of the ballpark (and transmountain).

What landmarks should I look for?

large flagpole
Huge flagpole
south of ballpark
Photo of Memorial Stadium
Coen Stadium canopy is easy to pick out, even from a mile away.

Coming from (downtown) El Paso you won't see much until you get near the ballpark. You will see the mountains on your left for much of your drive. As you get near the ballpark there's a huge flagpole and flag on the right side of the road. This is not at the ballpark, but it's not far south of it.

What is the easiest thing to see is the signature white canopy of the ballpark itself. With the tall poles and the beautiful arcs going up to them.

Scenic Mountain Route

Though the quickest route from El Paso to the ballpark is up the Patriot Highway, if you can, taking the Trans Mountain is worth the trip. The route takes you through Franklin Mountain State Park and the mile high Smuggler's Pass which is 1,500 feet higher than El Paso itself. There are no fees for driving the Trans Mountain through the park and it has no shops, major rest areas or towns.

On my first trip I stayed in Sunland Park west of El Paso. Though I was told it would be faster going through the city, I took this route most of the time. The view looking back at night was particularly nice.

What you should bring with you?

Though it's in the desert and you can expect daytime temperatures in the 90's there's little you really need to bring with you. Most all Diablos games are played at night making sunscreen unnecessary. This is doubly true since the sun sets in the mountains earlier than it does downtown cooling to a very comfortable temperature. And, yes, it's a dry heat and very comfortable. Other than needing to "replenish fluids" it's one of the most comfortable places to watch a ballgame.