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Seating Chart

Seating map
Prices (2008)
$7.00 Reserved
Grandstand Lower Rows (1-15)
$6.00 General Admission
Grandstand Upper Rows
$6.00 Berm / General Admission
First Base Berm

Which seats are for you?

Photo of grandstand seating
View of seating from behind home plate looking down first base side
Recommended seating for visitors
  • Reserved Sections 104-110
  • First Base General Admission or Berm

With the visitor's dugout on the first base side anything in first half of grandstand sections (101-110) will do well. Sections 104 and 105 are directly behind the visitor's dugout. 106 is an ideal spot --if you can get one of the first rows to look into the dugout. Sections 107 to 112 take you around behind home plate. If there's a downside to being on the first base side it's that you cannot see the sunset or the mountains behind the stadium.

Reserved Seating

Photo of reserved seating looking toward home plate
Reserved seats are red and the first 15 rows up from the field

Lower Grandstand Rows (Rows 1-15)

Reserved seats are very easy to pick out since they are all the red, flip-up seats. They are the first 15 rows up from the field stretching from bullpen to bullpen. There There 19 sections starting with 101 on the first base side to 119.

One minor consideration when finding reserved seats is that the aisles are in the center of each section. The sections are "boxed" with solid metal railings dividing.

General Admission

Upper Grandstand Rows (Upper 16 Rows)

Photo of general admission seating
All the aluminum benches, with or without armrests, are general admission

The largest and most obvious general admission seating are the aluminimum bench seats which are the upper 16 rows of the grandstand. Like the reserved seas, these span the entire grandstand from first to third base.

All GA grandstand benched have back rests. Some of these as shown in the picture (on the left) most are a simple beam. If you look at the section in the bottom half however, you'll notice that some have arm rests dividing them into "proper" seats.

Photo of Bunker Hill berm sign
Bunker Hill...
...is the name of the berm

Bunker Hill Berm

Though for most games the bench seats are excellent and quite close to the action (and closer to concessions and exits) families may want to go down the first base side to the "Bunker Hill" berm area. This is the only berm in the ballpark but does provide a grassy area with trees where kids can freely run and roll around (as long as there aren't too many other families using it. Since it also directly overlooks the visitor's bullpen, kids can get pretty close up to players throughout the game.

Photo of Bunker Hill berm sign
Berm area extends beyond the lower main aisle with a great view of visitor's bullpen

There's a minor trick to getting to the berm. The "main entrance" to the berm is from the lower concourse aisle. You can get to the berm from the main (upper) concourse but you'll have to go to the outfield wall (where the Bunker Hill sign is). This is because it's fenced off on most sides with only two entrances/exits.

So, as a result, you may want to herd your group down the first group of stairs then have them charge to the end of the grandstand.

Skyboxes & Hall of Fame Room

Photo of Hall of Fame Room entrance
Inside the Hall of Fame Room
Photo of Hall of Fame Room entrance
Entrance to Hall of Fame Room

There are 20 skysuites above this ballpark. There's also the Hall of Fame Room which is available for those who with deep pockets and lots of friends. This suite is extra large and the fee not only covers you and 49 of your closest friends (or business colleagues) but full service with bar and buffet.

Day of Game Purchase

As a former double-A facility with a large capacity of over 10,000 finding tickets on the day of a game is not likely to be a problem. It's likely that the number is for fixed seating and does not include the berm, the Hard Ball Cafe area (a patio area on the third base side instead of berm). In the rare case that both are full there is a great deal of concourse space behind the grandstand seats and even railings behind the berm that could provide something between standing and sitting "in a pinch."

Entrance / Box Office Locations

Photo of ticket windows
Main Ticket Windows

There is only one set of ticket windows. These are to the right of the main entrance. Though there are over eight windows, only a few are typically open (except maybe for major games and/or events). Some of these may be labeled for reserved or GA only tickets. A separate Will Call window to the left of the main bank of windows and closer to the entrance.

If you go to the ballpark other than before a game or earlier in the day and all the windows are closed you may need to enter the main office. The "outside" door to the offices is to the right of the ticket window.