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Photo of parking sign

$2 but ample

There are two main parking lots. Parking on Albrecht east of the stadium is less convenient unless there you use the right field entrance (when open). A second parking lot, more appropriate when using the "beautiful entrances," is southwest of the the ballpark on 15th Ave. N.

Parking is not allowed on the streets.

Depending on the time of the year, you may be forced to park at the Fargodome ($2). This happens at the end of the season in late August when NDSU needs all that parking for returning students.


1996 photo of stadium entrance
"Newman Outdoor Field" 1996
First Games at new park. Note the main and first base entrances.
("Look ma, no sod or sign (yet).")

Some allowed, but be "discrete"

There is some limited tailgating at the Nest. The big issue is alcohol consumption. If you're not drinking you're not breaking the law. If you are, be discrete or the city or campus police officers may pay you a costly visit.

The few RedHawk tailgaters in Fargo park in the east lot along the west edge, next to the trees.