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Programs: $1.00

RedHawks Program

$1.00 Program

includes Scorecard

The official program is very good with several color pages on some of the players. It is now sold separately from the scorecard and stats.

RedHawks scorecard

$1.00 Scorecard

You can get the scoresheet which separately for $1.It is one of the nicest (full-color) insert stats pages in the league and includes "lucky numbers" for the drawings --so hey, you might win something too!


Photo of pickled eggs
Pickled Eggs with peppers (see the stems?)

Nice variety, "Pickled Eggs Anyone?"

You can get hot dogs, foot-longs, and brats here (as usual). But these continue many other interesting choices to try (most from franchises) including:

Though not running the concession stand, there are still also the infamous pickled eggs from Jim Lauerman's #2 Saloon.


Before the game:

Unless you're staying in the dorms or they leave the porta-potty from construction you should drive up to 19th Ave. and find a gas station or restaurant.

During the game

Two sets of permanent restrooms are on the main concourse. They are large enough handle the crowds well. Women's room (according to my special source) have 12 stalls so there shouldn't be the terrible wait known at most parks.