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Seating Chart

Seating Chart
Prices (2007)
Grandstand Rows 1-20
Deluxe 3B Grandstand
Grandstand Rows 1-20
General Admission
First & Third Base Bleachers

Which seats are for you?

Photo of seating
The two (primary) types of seats: real (green) seats or
First base aluminum bleachers (in distance)

Order ahead to save money

Recommended seating for visitors
  • Reserved Sections A-D
  • General Admission

Ordering ahead saves a $1.50 at the gate on reserved and GA tickets. After that it's matter of $2 or $4 for better sightlines and nicer seats. But if you're stuck up towards the concourse and plan to arrive early, the G/A may be the better deal.

The layout of "The Nest" is simple, conventional with a consistent seating along both sides. Reserved seats are full fold-up seats with armrests. G/A are aluminum benches extending beyond the reserved seats on the first base side. The newer 3B Deluxe are on (obviously) on the Third Base side (favoring the local fans). Visitors are on the first base side (sections A-D), Hawks along the third baseline (H-K).

Newman Outdoor Field was the first in the league to have the concourse and main aisle is at the top of the stadium. This greatly reducing passing traffic (somewhat less in G/A) for all unlike the older parks.

The convenience of a comfortable seat for $2 more may be worth the price over seating on the benches if you're "comfortable" being on the "home" side of the field. Otherwise the an additional $4 could have you around the visitor's dugout. If you have connections, the coolest seats are in one of the 12 luxury boxes.

Reserved Seating

Grandstand sections A-K (Rows 1-20)

RedHawks have simpler pricing than during their first years. There are only two prices with a $1 discount if you order before game day. Take your pick if you can find any seats at all.

Reserved seating starts with the first row at ground level. Row 4 is the starting row for sections behind the dugouts (Sect A for visitors). These have some of the best sightlines in the league and are comfortable seats.

3B Deluxe Grandstand

Former Third Base GA Section

To improve the GA seating the RedHawks upgraded the bleachers on the third base (home) side of the field. These sites are padded with a nice backrest and priced in between the reserved seats and usual GA bench seating.

General Admission

First Base Bleachers

Photo of fountain entrance
Fountain near right field entrance

These are standard, elevated bleachers which continue the seating from the main stadium on the first base side. '97 added Family Sections which are smoking and alcohol free. Starting in '98 they modified that slightly creating a "smoker's cove" at the far end of the first base bleachers.

GA used to be on both sides of home plate but, as mentioned above, the GA bleachers on the third base site were "upgraded" into the 3B Deluxe.

Another major benefit for families with Berm GA is having the play zone and miniature golf course nearby. Fidgeting kids bored by the game can go behind the berm, run around and play while parents can watch them AND the game (and their stuff on the berm) from the back fence. This combination of features is unique in the Northern League.

Day of Game Purchase

As noted above, ordering tickets ahead of time saves $1 per ticket. This can be doubly important since RedHawks sell out many of their home games stadium, particularly later in the season. They have an SRO / GA policy that gives you that "last minute" opportunity (if you arrive early enough).

Since they have a convenient toll free number (1.800.303.6161), use it to book tickets in advance.

Entrance / Box Office Locations

Photo of ticket office
Game Day ticket office (near main entrance)

The box office (Will Call) on game day is to the left of the main entrance into the grandstand ("up all those stairs"). If you purchase them when they aren't playing, you use the (other) ticket office downstairs through the building's ground level entrance.

Three entrances are used for games: main entrance, first base, and right field gate. The field gate next to the fountain (corner of Albrecht and 15th Ave.) is mainly for GA bleacher seating. The first base entrance is an alternate for reserved seating (and assumes you already have your ticket). If you don't have tickets you go to the ticket office at the main gate. A fourth entrance, on the third base side, is locked and not used.