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LaGrave Field

Downtown Ft. Worth, across the river from the Court House in Historic Stockyards

Directions with Google Maps

NOTE: Address of park is 301 NE 6th Street .

Parking lots shown in blue

Photo of parking lot
Ballpark entrance (6th St.) with parking lot in front of it
La Grave Field sign
LaGrave Field sign
Historic Stockyards sign
Historic Stockyard Sign

From north (or south) from north of ballpark

Slightly longer route but with less congestion and fewer traffic lights
  1. Get on southbound (northbound) I-35
  2. Take Northside Drive Exit 53
  3. At intersection turn left (right) onto westbound E. Northside Drive.
  4. Follow Northside Dr. west to Main Street (crosses Trinity River twice and two sets of railroad tracks).
  5. Turn left (south) onto N. Main St.
  6. Follow Main St. south keeping to center lane and watch for NE 7th St. traffic light
  7. Turn left (east) onto NE 7th St.
  8. Go straight two block and look for entrance to parking lot

From south through downtown off I-35W

Covers all access from south including I-35W, I-30, Highway 287.
  1. Get on northbound I-35W
  2. Take Airport Freeway Exit 52B
  3. Keep to right and take immediate first right (secondary exit)
  4. Follow exit left onto (turns into) Greenway Park Drive
  5. Cross UNDER Airport Fwy
  6. Continue straight across East Weatherford St. (first full intersection, one-way going east/right)
  7. At next corner, turn left onto East Belknap St. (second intersection, one-way going west)
  8. Follow Belknap St. west to courthouse
  9. Turn right onto Commerce St. (which is the intersection AT the courthouse)
  10. Follow Commerce around around Paddock Park and take first right onto North Main Street.
  11. Follow Main St. bridge over the Trinity River
  12. Keep to right and watch for NE 7th St. traffic light
  13. Turn right (east) onto NE 7th St.
  14. Go straight two block and look for entrance to parking lot

Where is it on the map?

Photo view of main street
View looking south down Main Street towards Tarrant County Courthouse

LaGrave Field may not show up on many atlas maps since they typically cover both Fort Worth and Dallas or simply cut off the area north of the river. If you find any references to the "National History Stockyards District" it will nearby, but north of the ballpark by several blocks. The Stockyards District is at N. Main & E. Exchange; Exchange St. is approximately 25th St. and the ballpark is on 7th St.

What landmarks should I look for?

Photo of ballpark lot and Fort Worth skyline
Stadium offices and main parking lot with Ft. Worth skyline behind
Photo of Tarrant County Courthouse
Tarrant County Courthouse

The ballpark itself is right next to the west bank of the Trinity River which twists through the heart of Fort Worth and just north of downtown. The bend in the river has a large bend centered on Main Street.

Main St., if it was continuous would pass directly through the Tarrant County Courthouse. This is probably the best landmark one can use to be sure you're in the right area. The Courthouse itself is on the south side of the river and about six blocks south of the ballpark itself.

Ballpark by Bus Option Riding the T --or Trolley (Bus)

Photo of Tarrant County Courthouse
Fort Worth Bus Map (wth LaGrave Field in the center).

If you're downtown without a car, or simply trying to save money (on gas or parking) the the Fort Worth Transportation Authority --otherwise known at The T. 2008 one-way fares are $1.50.

The bus lines that either stop at the ballpark or pass by on Main St. Both go downtown (and to the Intermodal Transport Center connecting to the rail line to Dallas). The (frightfully easy to remember) Route 1 N - North Main loops to the ballpark itself. It connects downtown and to the Intermodal Transport Center (which connect with the TRE/Trinity Railway Express commuter rail line to Dallas). Be sure to pick the "N-North" and not "S-South/Hemphill" bus.

Route 15, AKA the Stockyards Trolley, loops the Historic Stockyards Area and zigzags past most downtown hotels in addition to the main transport center on the half hour. The only problem is that it only runs on Saturdays. Even so it can make for an excellent way to go to the Stockyards and ballpark on weekend holiday downtown.

What you should bring with you?

Fort Worth is often quite warm and humid. With most games during the evenings there's little need for heavy jackets or coats. Rain, especially given the heavy showers that washed out much of the Cats 2007 season, are something you may want to keep in mind if there's a threat of showers with a big umbrella, rain poncho or jacket.