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Seating Chart

Seating map
Prices (2008)
$12.00 Reserved Box
Grandstand Sections G-L
$10.00 Field Box
Grandstand Sections D-F, M-O
$6.00 General Admission
Grandstand Sections A-C, P-R
Knothole Gang Outfield
$4.00 Berm
Third Base Berm
$40.00 Plaza Tables
Tables for 4, plaza deck areas

Which seats are for you?

Photo of box reserved seating
View of seating from behind home plate looking down first base side
Recommended seating for visitors
  • Reserved Box Sections J-K
    Field Box Sections M-O
  • GA Sections P-R
  • Left Field Berm

With the visitor's dugout on the third base side anything on that side will do nicely. Section J is right behind home plate (visitor's side). Most are held by season ticket holders but some may be available. The field box (M-O) are easier to come by for reserved seating. The GA seating (sections P, Q, & R) is right behind the vistor's bullpen and very convient to (just below) the Kincaids Hamburger's stand. Last, but not least is the left field berm which may be useful in a pinch.

Dugout Suites

Photo of box reserved seating
Third Base Dugout Suite

If you can get into them, the most unique seating anywhere at any ballpark are the dugout suites. It's not that other ballparks don't have dugout seating, it's that these suites are the original two dugouts of the original LaGrave Field on which the current ballpark was (re-)built. These are in addition to --and immediately next to-- the current dugouts which are closer to home plate.

This unusual option and its history are covered in more detail in the Original La Grave Field Remembered page.

Box Reserved

Photo of reserved seating
All reserved seats are green

Main Grandstand (Sections G-L)

All reserved seats are green but the box reserved seating, besides being behind home plate are all under the canopy roof. All (obviously) have excellent views of the field. There are 20 rows of seating and extend all the way back to the main (upper) concourse. These sections extend from that concourse to the field unlike the field reserved sections. They are also full protected from foul balls with netting behind and above the seats.

Field Reserved

Photo of field reserved seating looking toward home plate
View behind visitors dugout in field reserved sections

Main Grandstand (Sections D-F, M-O)

The three reserved sections next out on each side of the grandstand are the field reserved seating. Not as pricey as the box reserved, these are the same type of seats. Some sections (F & M) are even under the canopy. The back rows of those sections are behind the lower concourse which ends at the box reserved seating.

On the home (first base) side, sections D and E do not have any additional rows above the concourse. On the visitor's side the lower walkway extends through all sections (M-O). These outer sections have no netting so kids can chase foul balls in these sections.

General Admission

Photo of general admission section A
Section A is GA with aluminum benches with seat backs but no armrests

Outer Grandstand Sections (A-C, P-R)
Knothole Gang Section

General Admission seating at LaGrave is easy to pick out since it's all aluminum benches with seat backs. this is the same whether you sit on the first or third base side or in the Knothole Gane Section in right field. Like most of the field reserved seating this is in front of the lower concourse but there are no "upper" GA sections. Families may want to go to the third base side since it's in front of the Kid's Zone making it easier to keep them happy without long walks around the ballpark. The first base side is closer to the exits, gift shop and more concessions.

The Knothole Gang Section (GA)

Photo of Knothole Gang seating
Knothole Gang fans on Dog Day (2007)

One unique feature of LaGrave is the Knothole Gang GA section behind the right field fence. This section is a visual recreation of how the seating in the original LaGrave Field looked during it's heyday (1926-67). With a full canopy, white awning with the club's retired numbers it's a signature feature of the ballpark. Less obvious is that this section is fully protected from baseball with netting extending the full distance from the roof to fence. This makes the section appropriate for frugal fans who want safety for themself or those with them (like the dogs I say at my first game "Dog Day" in 2007).

Photo of knothole gang section
Knothole Gang Section (right field under canopy) and regular GA (center right)

Unlike the other GA seating this section is not on concrete but a full bleacher section raised above the ground. There are stairways on each end but the one on the south (west) end is where most will enter and exit. If you want to sit here you may want to arrive a little earlier to get seats near these stairs for easier access to concessions and washrooms.

Left Field Berm

Photo of Berm GA and third base GA sections
Section P below, (Empty) Berm GA behind left field fence

The lowest price seats is the Left Field Berm. This berm is actually the "dry side" of the Trinity River levee wall and completely grass covered. During my first trip to LaGrave (2007) this section was empty partly to due to the excessive rains that season.

Plaza Tables (for Four)

Photo of Plaza Tables on third base side.
Main Plaza Tables on third base side (behind reserved seats)

An unusual option at LaGrave Field are the Plaza Tables. These are a series of metal tables and chairs in patio (plaza) on each side of the ballpark. These are beyond the canopies and along the concourses.

The first base (home team) side is closer to the field. It's located where the "upper" seating of sections D & E. On the third base side the tables are behind the seating sections. There are two sections on the third base side with one behind the GA sections (P, Q & R).

The (higher) price covers four adults but does not include any food or beverage. If you don't have a group of four (or aren't desperate for tickets) this is probably isn't the option for you.

Day of Game Purchase

The Cats are very popular and tickets sell quite well. This reduces the amount of reduces reserved seating. But there is plenty of GA seating. The addition of the Knothole Gang section and the left field berm provide considerable extra capacity. Beyond that there is a lot of large concourses that should provide ample extra SRO space when the park is full to capacity.

Entrance / Box Office Locations

Photo of ticket windows
Quiet main ticket windows (morning after a game)
Photo of ticket windows
Fan buying tickets

There's one set of ticket windows on the first base side of the stadium. These are open on game days with an entrance right next to it. Tickets can also be purchased in the main office/gift shop on off days.

Photo of will call table
You may have to look for the "Will Call" table instead the windows.

Will Call Table

A temporary situation (ongoing expansion at the stadium will likely replace in the future) is the "Will Call Table." Due to the limited number of ticket windows a separate table under a (blue) canopy is where you pick up tickets order by phone. A portable sign clearly reading "Will Call" points to the table and the person staffing. In 2007, this was behind the (7 ft.) black fence with the canopy spread over the top of it.