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Seating Chart

Stadium Chart
Prices (2007)
$10.00 Reserved Box
Sections 103-112
$9.00 Reserved
Sections 101, 102, 113-117
$7.00 Outfield Terrace
Right Outfield
$5.00 Outfield Berm
Right Center Outfield

Which seats are for you?

Recommended seating for visitors
  • Reserved Sections 107-117
    Outfield Terrace & Grass Berm

The Steel Yard has a fairly straightforward layout and similar to other new ballparks. Most seating is reserved with small outfield terrace GA and grass berm over the right field fence. Groups can reserve seating in the picnic area along the third base line near the outfield fence. As with all other new stadiums their are skyboxes off a large interior concourses.

The home dugout is on the third base side but the more complete seating is on the visitor's side along first. Though it's difficult to believe this was entirely planned, these are probably the best sections to see game. Besides the proximity to the visitor's dugout it provides the best view of the scoreboard and closest access to the souvenir shop and Bennigan's restaurant. It also allows an easy view of the passing SouthShore line commuter trains and the busy traffic on the elevated tollway and highway --all just beyond scoreboard.

Photo of view from first base side
View from first base side towards scoreboard with the namesake SouthShore train passing by (2002)

Box Reserved Seating

Photo of reserved seating
Box Reserved Seating behind home plate

Grandstand sections 103-112

If you're lucky enough to get a box reserved seat, you have one of the easier walks to your seat. The main entrance takes you almost behind home plate with, not surprisingly, the best seats in the house. If you can express a preference, even if you're a Gary fan, try sitting along the first base side for the more interesting outfield views.

And.. as usual, skyboxes are nice (and air conditioned) and available for groups if reserved in advance.

Reserved Seating

Photo of seating end caps
Row end caps celebrating
Gary's heritage in steel

Grandstand Sections 101, 102, & 113-117

The remainder of the main grandstand sections are reserved. Sections 101 & 102 are on the third base field side just beyond the home team dugout.

Sections 113-117 extend further than the third base side and include what probably is the smallest section. Section is 116 is a small triangle with a front row that doe not have a seat along the fence.

About Section 117

For a different view of a ballgame, try section 117. This section is not the normal "extension" of the grandstand. Though the field of play is the same as the third base side, 117 is turned back towards the infield. Except for the slight possibility of a sunset in your eyes, these give you a better orientation to the action without having to constantly look to your left.

Outfield Terrace

Photo of berm
Grass Berm in Right Center with Outfield Terrace near center of photo
(2002 - Look Ma! No Bennigan's)

Right Field section

Unlike outfield "bleachers" at most other ballparks (especially those in Schaumburg), the outfield terrace at the Steel Yard is a small section of seating not unlike the grandstand. This section is also directly in front of the Bennigan's.

Grass Berm

Right Center Field

And, for families there's the grass berm section next to the outfield terrace. This is conveniently located not far from the center field playground. Unlike most berms, the slope is gentle and does not match the angle of the grandstand.

Day of Game Purchase

Photo of crowd entering
Crowd entering main gate turnstiles

Easy to come by, with SRO just in case

Crowd turnout for the inaugural season was lighter than expected so good tickets are easy to come by. The trend was for larger crowds as the word got out how great the ballpark is. In the future it may be more difficult but with the berm, patio and large concourses, SRO should be available when the Yard is packed.

Entrance / Box Office Locations

Photo of ticket booths
Ticket booths (next to main entrance, 2002)

The ticket office at the stadium is "hard to miss."

It's on you left as you face the main entrance at the corner of One Stadium Plaza (formerly known as "Pennsylvania Street") & 5th Avenue. The windows on the right are the gift shop where you're not (as) likely to get tickets as the ticket booths. Another, smaller entrance is on the third base side. And there's the entrance from Bennigan's for their patrons.