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Seating Chart

Seating map
Prices (2007)
$14.50 Prime
Sections 100-108, Rows 1-6
$10.50 Choice
Sections 100-108, Rows 7+
$8.50 Select
Sections 109-114
$6.00 Berm
General Admission

Which seats are for you?

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Photo of CommunityAmerica seat row end cap
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Recommended seating for visitors
  • Reserved Sections 100-114 (EVEN Sections)
  • Third Base Berms

Visitors to CommunityAmerica park will want to sit on the third base side. There are several reasons for this. One is that this is where the visitor's dugout is. Another is it has the most shade during the early evening when the sun shines down on the rest of the stadium and into the eyes of those sitting on the right field berm.

There are some simple rules for the seating:

Photo of grandstand seating
Prime (with padding) and Choice Seating

Prime Reserved (Season Ticket)

Grandstand sections 100-108 (Rows 1-6)

As with all ballparks, these are the seats of choice with extremely easy access from the main concourse. In CommunityAmerica it's easy to identify these seats since many of them have the names of the owners listed and they're padded. They also have excellent views since the "wall" in the front row is low (knee high).

Prime and Choice seats are, as you would expect, around home plate and extend to the far ends of the dugouts on each side.

Choice Reserved

Grandstand sections 100-108 (Rows 7+)

Choice seats are aptly named since they are all excellent and near the infield. The only reason these aren't the "best seats" in the house, besides being a few rows back from the field, is that they're not padded. Otherwise these are the same "best seats" found in all other new ballparks complete with "imitation slats" like old style ballpark seating (which is also helpful for air circulation)

Select Reserved

Sections 109-114

Select seating has the same fixtures as Choice seating but starts beyond the dugouts and is in the outfield. The first rows are not padded like Prime seats but extend down to the field level. The ends of the Select sections transition to berms on the third base side and the patio table section on the first base side.

General Admission

Berm Seating

Photo of patio and right field berms
First Base side Choice Seating, followed by patio tables and right field berms

There are two berm sections at CommunityAmerica ballpark. The larger of the two is a continuation of the grandstand slope into the right field area. This is an excellent location for families since the kids play area is adjacent at the concourse level.

Kids may also like it since before the game this is where they can see the batting cages in the training facility. This is also where all the players will go since the buildings in the outfield also contain both the home and visitor clubhouses.

The third base berm may be the preferred location for people who want a quick entrance (or exit) since it's the first seating from the north entrance by the box office. It also gives excellent views of the bullpens (which are in the outfield) and be seen over the sharp wall along the outfield lines.

Day of Game Purchase

Photo of third base berm
3rd Base Berm

Though the ballpark does not have berms all around the outfield as in Lincoln, there is ample seating for SRO or GA seating for a "full house." Even if all the grass was occupied in the berms there is lots of standing room along the outfield wall left on the "green monster."

In short, there should be no problem getting into a T-Bones game.

Entrance / Box Office Locations

Photo of main entrance ticket booth
Ticket Booth Main entrance
(southwest corner)
Photo of main box office
Main Box Office Northwest corner of ballpark
(Away from main entrance and souvenir stand)

The main box office for CommunityAmerica Ballpark is at the northwest corner of the stadium near the west gate (third base side of the field). This is where you will find the will call ticket window.

A second, much smaller ticket booth is near the main entrance (behind home plate) at the southwest corner of the stadium. It is right next to the entrance to "The Meat Locker" -- the T-Bones souvenir shop. This may be more convenient for visits to the ballpark when there is not a game when wanting to pick up a souvenir and get a ticket.