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Haymarket Park

Near Memorial Stadium but no easy access

Map Directions with Google Maps

Parking lots shown in blue

From I-180 (Heading south, from I-80)

  1. Take Cornhusker Highway West
  2. Left on 1st Street
  3. Right onto Sun Valley Blvd. South
  4. Left onto Line Drive (St.)
  5. Cross bridge to the complex
  6. Directly ahead
  7. Parking is on either side of Line Drive

From North

  1. Take O Street west out of downtown on elevated street over railyard
  2. West to Sun Valley Blvd. North (Traffic Light)
  3. North on Sun Valley for about 1/2 mile to Line Drive (St.)
  4. Right onto Line Drive (St.)
  5. Cross bridge to the complex
  6. Directly ahead
  7. Parking is on either side of Line Drive

NOTE: Address of park is 403 Line Drive Circle

Photo of Line Drive St intersection
"Line Drive St." intersection -- You're almost there!

Where is it on the map?

Photo of bridge to ballpark
Bridge to the Haymarket Park Complex (2001)

Unless you have a very recent map there will be no sign of Haymarket Park or the "Haymarket Park Complex." Haymarket "Complex" refers to the baseball and softball fields as well as the adjacent parking lots. The complex was built (in part) for the University of Nebraska sports programs. The location is across Interstate I-180 from Memorial Stadium and within easy walking distance.

Haymarket Park should not be confused with its namesake the Haymarket District. The "District" is a restored section of the old downtown next to the still active railyards. Eventually a pedestrian walkway will connect the complex to the district to the park (passing over the railroad tracks).

You may see Charleston St. passing under I-180. This has been closed off at the request of the neighborhood east of the freeway. They did not like the traffic before and after the game.

What landmarks should I look for?

Photo of Haymarket Park Complex sign
Follow signs like this
to the ballpark complex.
Photo of Memorial Stadium
Memorial Stadium "Home of the Cornhuskers"
On the other side of I-180 from the ballpark

Haymarket Park is clearly visible on the west side I-180 when heading to/from downtown Lincoln. The complex is directly opposite the large (and quite obvious) Memorial Stadium on the freeway .Unfortunately there is no exit directly to the complex.

Photo of Historic Haymarket Sign
Historic Haymarket District
is NOT the Ballpark

Signs on the freeway will direct you to the Cornhusker Highway from I-180 which is about one mile NORTH of the ballpark.If downtown the road to find is O Street west. "O" is the "main street" through downtown Lincoln and if you find yourself headed south into the downtown area it will appear very soon(2-3 blocks) after the freeway turns into a downtown street.

Finding the "Right Haymarket"
"Park Complex" not "Historic District"

"Haymarket" isn't enough to find the ballpark since there are several "Haymarkets" that you may find on the map. As mentioned above, you may see signs for the "Historic Haymarket District" but only a few for the ballpark complex. You can park in Historic Haymarket and take the pedestrian bridge (opened in time for the 2006 season)and enter the ballpark from the outfield entrance.

What you should bring with you?

Mosquito & Biting Fly Alert!

On days with little or no wind, biting flies and mosquitoes aren't unusual in the berm areas. Having repellant handy for early evenings is recommended if your sitting on the grass.

Located on the southern end of the American Association Central Haymarket park is one of the "hottest" places to see a ballgame. Day games can be incredibly hot, so be sure to prepare to drink lots of water and fluids. Because of the field orientation (to the southeast) there is almost no shade whatsoever and sunscreen until late afternoon.

The wide concourse areas should make for good shelter from passing showers, so umbrellas aren't a necessity.