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Programs: $1.00 / $1.00 Scorecard

Saltdogs program

$1.00 Program

The official program is very attractive and well designed in full color. In 2005 the price fell to $1 and updated for each homestand and includes the scoresheet with daily stats.

Saltdogs scorecard

$1.00 Scorecard

Sold separately

You can get the scoresheet which separately for $1. The inaugural season version is nicely done with a full color center scorecard. Stats are a separate 4-page insert and as complete as in other parks.

Media Guide

Saltdogs media guide

Like many of the new teams, Lincoln has a media guide. I didn't see this for sale in the souvenir stand, but is probably available.


Photo of third base concourse
Husker Grill on the third base concourse

Standard Fare with "Big Red Hot Dogs" and "Valentino Pizza "

The usual ballpark cuisine is found at Haymarket Park. There are three main food concession stands. The Haymarket Grill is on the first base side, Husker Grill on third base side, and the "Line Drive" behind home plate near the main entrance. These have similar, but slightly different selections. A fourth stand, behind the batter's eye in center field may be open sometime in the future for the GA crowds on the grass.

At first I was concerned by how "small" the stands seemed to be. But lines moved VERY fast and I was easily able to get a meal and back to my seat within minutes of the first pitch.The service at this park is outstanding.

Local "specialties" and favorites include the same "Big Red Hot(s)" Dogs sold at Cornhusker football games. Pizza from Valentino's is also available. There is also an almost hidden ice cream stand on the third base side (near entrance) for those needing a cold dessert on a hot day.


Before the game:

And it's a long drive to the nearest restaurant or gas station. If you can, cross the bridge to the Historic Haymarket.

During the game

Two sets of permanent restrooms are on the main concourse. They are large enough handle the crowds well. Additional restrooms are on the upper level near the main entrance. Two additional restrooms are in the outfield for fans on the berms.