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Seating Chart

Seating map
Prices (2008)
$15.25 Club Level Reserved
Upper Level (Sections 300-303)
$11.25 Reserved
Grandstand Lower (Field) Level
$9.25 Upper Reserved
Grandstand Upper Level
$6.25 General Admission
First & Third Base, Left & Right Field Berms

Which seats are for you?

Photo of grandstand seating
Lower and Upper Reserved Seating
Recommended seating for visitors
  • Reserved Sections 104-108, 204-212
  • First Base or Right Field Berms

Haymarket Park has several firsts in the American Association. One is reserved second deck seating separate from sky boxes. These seats are often available in sections 208-212 since the others are part of "half season" ticket packages. Since they are over the visitor's dugout they are reasonable selection if there is nothing available on Field Level.

It is also the first to have berm seating on all four sides of the diamond. These are some of the most affordable tickets in the league at $3 each. The design of the park provides grassy berms around nearly all of the outfield including the ends of the first and third base lines.

Section numbering is fairly easy if you follow the inherent rules:

Club Level Reserved Seating

Grandstand sections 300-303

Unlike other ballparks, the most expensive seats aren't on ground level, they're behind home plate at skybox level. The idea is actually quite simple. "Skyboxes" for season ticket holders. One of the obvious amenities is access to "Diamond View Lounge." These are only full season tickets but if you can find one, and it's a hot day, you might like the option.

Lower Reserved Seating

Photo of field from concourse
SRO standing lines are just a few steps behind the last row of the lower level

Grandstand sections 100-112 (Rows 1-15)

These are the seats of choice with extremely easy access from the main concourse. First row extends all the way to the field. Sections 106 and 108 (first base/visitor's) side) along with 105 and 107 are slightly further back behind the dugouts.

Reserved seating starts with the first row at ground level. Row 4 is the starting row for sections behind the dugouts (Sect A for visitors).These have some of the best sightlines in the league and are comfortable seats.

Upper Reserved

Sections 208, 210, 212

These are the first second level seats available for sale to non-season ticket holders and not part of the sky boxes. Skybox seats actually start behind these putting them closer to the action than those lucky enough to have all the "extras."

Club Level (Season Ticket)

Sections 300-303

These are the prime seats of the second level behind and near home plate.The have better sightlines but are not generally available for individual game sale.

General Admission

Berm Seating

Photo of batters eye
Outfield berms on either side of the "wooded" batter's eye

Haymarket Park has the largest berm areas in the American Association. There is one on each side of the outfields. If not for the batter's eye (behind center field) and bullpens (which are separated from the field) there would be nearly continuous seating around the field! The first park with that option.

The batter's eye looks inviting, but is roped off from the berms. The space in the right field corner (next to the visitor's bullpen) is home to a covered playground for kids.

Day of Game Purchase

With four large berms there is little doubt you can get a ticket if you arrive late for a game without one. The large, wide concourses also allow SRO viewing for those who want shade, avoid the mosquitoes or biting flies, or just to walk around. Walking is an option since Haymarket Park is the first American Association (Central) park that allows fans to walk around the ENTIRE field (following the concourse and outfields).

Though not formally marked (during the first season), you can stand 10 feet behind the last row of seats.The second concrete joint acts as the SRO line.

Entrance / Box Office Locations

Photo of ticket office
Ticket office (next to main entrance off Line Drive)

The ticket office, souvenir store and main offices are all on ground level right of the main entrance near the cul de sac end of Line Drive. The ticket office is under the first green canopy. The second is the souvenir stand, followed by the Saltdogs' office.

The main entrance has several gates for large crowds off the Line Drive side. A second entrance is also available convenient when parking in the south lot and going to the outfield berms. It is also where a future pedestrian bridge (over the railroad switchyards) will make it more useful for those walking from the Haymarket District and University of Nebraska campus.

Haymarket Park is also home to the University of Nebraska Husker (Cornhusker)Baseball team. "Next Door" is the softball field home to Husker softball in the "Haymarket Complex."