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Seating Chart

Seating map
Prices (2007)
$9.00 Sports Club
Indoor seating behind home plate
$8.00 Reserved
Grandstand rows below concourse (all sides),
rows just above concourse third base (home) side
$5.00 General Admission
Upper Grandstand Rows

Which seats are for you?

Photo of grandstand seating
First Base grandstand showing seating sections around visitor's dugout
Recommended seating for visitors
  • Reserved Sections 110-119,
    Sports Club (right side)
  • First Base General Admission,
    Sections RF1-6

When picking which seats on the first base, visitor's side of the ballpark any seats in the 100s may be worth the extra price since your view will not include people passing in front of you in GA. Otherwise the price difference may not be worth it if you arrive early enough to get the "front row" seating in GA. Section 110 is directly behind home plate. If heat and humidity are an issue for you seriously consider seats in the Sports Club which is air conditioned.

Reserved Seating

Photo of reserved seating looking toward home plate
All flip-down seats are reserved. Only the home side has them above the concourse.

Lower Grandstand
Sections 101-119, 201-206

Reserved seating at Fair Grounds Field is distinctly assymentric. All the red flip-down seats below the concourse (sections in the 100s: 101-119) are reserved. They are only (a maximum of) six rows deep (only 3 behind dugouts) split into boxes that are 4-6 seats wide divided by metal railings and stairs.

On the third base there are additional reserved sections. The first four rows above the concourse are blue flip-down seats and not divided into boxes. Since the price is the same for all reserved seating you may want to consider save a few dollars, buy GA seats and sit on the first base side for a similar view (though on a bench).

If you have these seats be aware that the section numbers do not match the lower (red seat) sections. There are 6 (blue) sections above the concourse and 8 (red) sections below. Numbers start at 101/201 at the end of third base concourse, incrementing as you move around the concourse down the first base side.

General Admission

Upper Grandstand Rows

Photo of general admission seating
GA seating starts just above the concourse on the first base side.

All general admission seats at Fair Grounds Field are benches with seat back. A mentioned above, the first base (visitor's) side does not have any reserved seating above the concourse. As result, the view from the best first base GA seats is essentially the same as many reserved seats on the other side of the ballpark. This maybe why the "Knothole Club" is found here since it can be a real value for the view.

Thought it's more trivia than need GA sections are numbered differently than the reserved sections. Where the reserved sections are 100s and 200s, GA sections are marked by field side LF or RF. The numbering is also different. It starts at 1 (LF1 and RF1) behind home plate and increment to 6 at the end of each side.

Sports Club

Photo of view from inside Sports Club
Sports Club seats
Photo of Sports Club seats
View from Sports Club (indoors)

There are no publuc suites at Fair Grounds Field, but there's something that's almost better: The Sports Club.

This is a unique ticket option. This is not a "club" or "club room" but "premium" seating that is indoors, air conditioned with padded fabric seats. Given the hot and humid weather that defines summer in Shreveport this section is one to consider if you want to see a game but don't want to sweat. In addition to the comfortable seating and cool air you also can get concessions in this room too. The club even has some "Sky Club" deals for groups which include food and seats.

It may be interesting to know that there is a suite in the grandstand. There is an "owners box" above the Sports Club. It's next to the press boxes along the roof of the center grandstand section. It's rarely used and the view below is better.

Day of Game Purchase

Before indy ball settled in Shreveport, this was double-A facility. Though not as large as some others, such as Cohen Stadium (in El Paso), it does have a lot of capacity beyond the 6,200 fixed seating. There are large open spaces on each side of the ballpark for overflow. The first base side has the Picnic and Kid's Play Area. A Beer Garden and barbeque is on the third base side which is more open with many tables with decent views of the field.

Entrance / Box Office Locations

Photo of ticket windows
In the center of the entrances and the name of the ballpark

One set of ticket windows serves everyone here. It's hard to miss since it's right in the center of the center section of the stadium and is between the two main entrances. In fact it's right in the under the middle name ("Grounds") of the name of the ballpark.