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Mascots: Slider ('05-)

Slider "can't hear you!"


Slider mascot card

According to his 2005 card

Slider joined the Explorers family in the spring of 2005. Slider has fit right in with the X's and is enjoyed by all during the games. Whether he is wagging his tail or dancing to the musice his i constatnly in motion. SLider loves getting his picture taken with adoring fans and he can't wait for the start of another great season with the Explorers.

What the card does not say is that one of Slider's main tricks is to raise one of his ears in an "I can't hear you" call to cheer on the X's. He can often be found on top of the dugouts when not walking the concourses entertaining the fans and greeting kids.

Slider is also the latest of the Explorers' mascots. Previous mascots included dinosaurs and an bearded explorer. See the Explorers mascots page on for more history of X's mascots while the was part of the Northern League.

Lewis & Clark Park

Photo of ballpark plaque

The first new ballpark built for "indy" baseball

Sioux City is one of the reasons for the existence of independent baseball. Support for the then fledgling Northern League was strong enough that they built a brand new ballpark at the edge of town to bring baseball back. It was quite a bargain at only 4 million dollars. It's design was very good for the time and won several national awards.

Photo of Lewis & Clark Park at night

Today it is still very comfortable and great place to see a game. Sitelines are good. There are real box seats (rare in modern minor league parks). The combination of facing the river bluffs and the shape of the grandstands make things close and intimate. The passing traffic on I-129 can provide a minor distraction especially when people slow down or stop to watch post game fireworks.

Photo of John Uber plaque
Plaque in memory of Sioux City Soos Pitcher John Uber

When it was built originally, it was on the edge of town beyond the freeways. It stood alone on land that was little more than flatlands and marsh. A lot has changed since 1993. Roads were added. Additional venues (like the IBP Ice Center and Lewis Bowl complex) were built next door as were a soap box derby track (taking advantage of the smooth slope of the Missouri River bluff). In the immediate area, which was little more than a couple truck stops have been added several restaurants, stores and motels.

If there's a continuing "down side" to the location though it would be its proximity to the main water treatment plant. Though rare, it still has the potential to add a little unpleasant extra to a night at the ballpark.


Photo of I-29 trophy
The I-29 Trophy
Photo of grandstand crowd
SRO crowd watches the X's on the Fourth of July (1999)

Catch the X Fans

The crowd is pretty normal here. Not particularly loud or boisterous.

Because it is only 85 miles from Sioux Falls, there has been a natural rivalry between the "Sioux Twins" that continued from their time in the Northern League. This lead to the creation of the I-29 trophy (shown at left). It's name comes from the interstate highway connecting the two towns. The Explorers hold this trophy having the edge in wins over the Canaries.