Sioux City


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Photo of stadium from north parking lot
North end of parking lot
Photo of stadium from south parking lot
Parking attendant greeting fan at south entrance

$1 but ample and price unchanged since 1993(!)

There is one large concrete parking lot. It makes a large semicircle around the main entrance so no spot is too terribly far away. The "outer" ring is no long used except for traffic going to the Eagle's Lodge (southwest corner) which can only be accessed from the parking lot.

There are two entrances/exits. One from the south, on Stadium Drive, and the original from the west on Line Drive. Both are open for all games though the Stadium Drive approach is probably more convenient for those going up the river bluff or going back to I-29.


Photo of Ed Nottle in his custom golf cart
Ed Nottle in his customized cart
(Opening weekend 2006)

Yes, some are regular tailgaters

There were no signs of tailgating in during the first years of the X's. Today there is definitely a small, but regular tailgating crowd at X's games now. In the past, before the outer ring of parking was closed, they would "picnic" on the grass (as shown in the old 1999 photo). Today they still park in the outer row, but not on the grass.

Photo of fans tailgating 2006
Tailgaters being interviewed at the ballpark
(Opening Day 2006)

Photo of fans tailgating 1999
Tailgaters at the ballpark when you could park by the grass (1999)

Fans arriving early to tailgate may have the occasional visitor. During the opening weekend Ed Nottle could be seen driving a custom cart around the lot.

After a "big game" (like fireworks nights) there can be a crowd before and after the game.