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Programs: $2.00

Sioux City Explorers program

$2.00 Program

The Explorers program is fairly standard with basic coach and player information including photographs. It also includes teams records and some history. For 2006, the price dropped from $3 to $2, includes scorecard and stats information. The center includes a scorecard. The Explorers do not sell a separate scorecard.


Photo of Bull Pen Patio
First base concessions include the X's Team Shop for souvenirs.

A Little Something for Everyone

Food at Lewis & Clark Park is standard baseball fare with the added option of (limited) mixed drinks at one of the main concession stands. For addtional beer selections go to the "beer garden" on the BBQ deck.

The main concession stands are on both the first and third base sides on the ground level concourse. They're hard to miss since both entrances lead you directly to them. The only significant difference is that the X's Team Shop is (only) on the first base side for buying souvenirs.

In the grandstand you can purchase some items, such as beer and soft drinks, from vendors. Those sitting in the box seats can be served in their seats by checking with ushers who will call over the wait staff. Be sure to tip your server.

Photo of Bull Pen Patio
The barbeque grill by the Famous Dave's BBQ Shack

Famous Dave's BBQ Deck

The Famous Dave's BBQ Deck is where you can get a selection of pork or chicken chicken sandwiches and barbeque ribs (it does not have the full menu of side orders found at the regular restaurant. The BBQ shack sells also soft drinks. If you're looking for a beer to wash down your BBQ, there is a sepearate beer stand on the deck which should be your next stop.

Photo of Bull Pen Patio
Players are just beyond the deck fence.

Though you can certainly take your BBQ back to your seat, you might consider arriving early and eating there. The views of the ballpark are excellent and many people buy GA tickets and watch the game from them.

The deck was originally named "The Bullpen Patio" because not only does it overlook the third base line, it also looks directly into the Explorers' bullpen. It is quite large but arrive early since the best tables along the railings will go fast.


Before the game:

Because of the limited tailgating there are no washrooms or portapotties available before the game. In a pinch you could try going to the nearby Lewis Bowl.

During the game

Permanent restrooms are behind the main stands on each side. There are large enough to accommodate crowds without much (if any) waiting.