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Programs: $2.00

Sioux Falls canries program

$2.00 Program

The program (scorecard) in '94 was a large sheet of paper with some of the team information on it in a scorecard. Other than the lucky number, it could be skipped.

Now its a nice magazine style and includes scorecard and stats in the "Word from the Birds" is sold separately as a scorecard.


Photo of BBQ sign
Old BBQ sign (1997)
Photo of BBQ patio
Barbeque Patio at The Bird Nest (2000)

Great Barbeque and Fantastic Patio

Once upon a time The Bird Cage boasted the best pizza in the league. When that went away an excellent barbeque area more than took its place.

In 2000 it was completely made over into "Look's BBQ Area," a huge multi-level dining area with fantastic views or right field. There are even several picnic tables behind the right field wall. This space is unparalleled in the league and the spot to watch the entire game for larger parties.

Other selections include Footlongs, nachos, and other baseball fare.

One specialty is the "Walking Taco." Between innings you may even see one walking down the concourse (not to be confused as an ordinary large bag of Fritos). The walking taco is a small bag of corn chips split down the side covered with chili and cheese and not bad eating.


Before the game:

If open, there are rest rooms in the (new) convention center. Otherwise, if the need arises, you could ask politely to be let in or look for someplace on Russell St. The gas station east of the ballpark or the other stores across from the park are a likely stop.

During the game

Permanent restrooms are next to the main entrance on the north side of the stadium. An additional set of facilities are near the new BBQ area on the first base side.