Sioux Falls


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Seating Chart

Seating map
Prices (2007)
$10.00 Lower Executive
Grandstand Sections A-K
$9.00 Upper Executive
Grandstand Sections N-W
$7.00 Reserve Grandstand
Grandstand Upper Sections N-W, sections L-M
$6.00 Berm GA
Third Base Lawn

Which seats are for you?

Photo down third base line
Stadium view (2000)
Recommended seating for visitors
  • Lower Executive Sections A-K
  • Upper Executive Sections N-W
  • Reserved Grandstand Sections L-M, N-W
  • Berm GA

Ask for the best tickets on the third base (visitor's) side. If you're lucky maybe you can sit close to the dugout or near the field.

The layout of Sioux Falls Stadium is balanced on both the first & third base sides. All seats are pleasantly close in this small, but friendly park. There is not a truly bad seat anywhere, only the choice of distance from home plate. Renovations in 2000 have added hundreds of new seats and options such as the family berm and BBQ area. The Canaries website has excellent drawing of the new layout on their website.

Lower Executive Seating

Photo of grandstand seating
Main Concourse looking towards third base bleachers

Grandstand sections A-K

"Executive" (season ticket) seats the dark green ones are around the home plate area. There used to be a "Dugout Reserved" (Sections E-K around the dugouts) which I believe merged with the rest of the lower reserved. to make things simpler.

This section is new seating (2000) and more comfortable than the old rigid bench seats moved to the Upper Executive section. Stadium expansion added additional seating (sections A-D) on the home team side that are also close to the action.

BTW: You also get a cup holder, and "flip-up seats" with armrests.

Upper Executive Executive Seating

Grandstand sections N-W (front rows)

Upper Executive seats are the light blue seats nearest home plate above the main concourse walkway. These go all the way up and around the press box. They include armrests.

Reserved Grandstand Seating

Grandstand sections L-M, N-W (back rows)

Reserved Grandstand seating (once known as "Perch Pack GA") is the next level "above" and are simple benches with a bench back (no armrests). These run along the back of the old grandstand and include all of the new sections L and M (built in 2000).

Berm General Admission

Photo family berm section
Berm GA, Third Base Side (2000)

Grassy berm on third base side of grandstand

For families, the berm is an excellent option. The view from the Bird Cage berm is better han most since it's elevated several feet above field level. Those who arrive early can place a blanket down next to fence and have an excellent view of the action (though through a chain link fence).

Photo of berm area and fun zone
Berm GA on left, Play Zone and Mini-Golf on right

Another major benefit for families with Berm GA is having the play zone and miniature golf course nearby. Fidgeting kids bored by the game can go behind the berm, run around and play while parents can watch them AND the game (and their stuff on the berm) from the back fence. This combination of features is unique in the American Association.

Day of Game Purchase

Photo down frist base line
View from right field BBQ area (2000) overlooking Visitor's Bullpen

The new expansion has reduced ticket availability somewhat. Seats are not quite as easy to come by as they were in years past. Best to check ahead.

The explicit SRO option should tell you it's "no problem" to get in, but maybe you won't have a seat. The view from the BBQ area is really quite nice.

Entrance / Box Office Locations

Photo of main entrance
Main Entrance (July 2000)

There are three entrances to the Bird Cage. The main entrance one on the third base side near north parking lot. The others are on the box office and will call window are next to the north entrance.