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Phil Welch Stadium

Down in the Valley

Map Directions with Google Maps

Parking lots shown in blue

NOTE: Address of park is 2600 Southwest Parkway

From I-29

  1. Take US 36. West (Exit 46)
  2. West on US 36 to South 26th St. Exits
  3. Turn left at stop sign
  4. Continue south on So. 26th St.
  5. Continue on So. 26th St. when it merges with Agency Rd. (which comes up on your right)
  6. As you descend into the valley, Southwest Parkway crosses Agency Rd.
  7. Turn right (west) onto Southwest parkway
  8. The ballpark will be on your right and the main parking is just beyond the the park on your right
  9. Alternate parking is on your left accross the street.

From Downtown (I-229)

  1. From I-229, take US 36 East (Exit 4B)
  2. Continue East on US 36 to So. 22nd Ave. Exit
  3. Turn right (south) on So. 22nd Ave.
  4. As you descend into the valley, be ready to turn right onto Southwest Parkway
  5. East on Southwest Parkway until you see the ballpark on your left
  6. Prepare to turn into the parking lot before you pass the ballpark
Photo of vacant lot east ballpark
View across vacant lot east of ballpark.
This lot doubles for overflow parking but you should not park here since --it's not convenient to the main entrance.

Where is it on the map?

Photo of west approach to ballpark
Approach to park from west, headed east, on Southwest Parkway (note the light towers in the distance)

Though The Phil has been around for nearly 70 years, my atlas doesn't show it. What you will find is Southwest Parkway running from southwest to northeast under I-229 and US 36. You're not likely to find much else except on a local city map with considerably more details.

What landmarks should I look for?

Photo of SW Parkway sign
Southwest Parkway Street Sign
Photo of Phil Welch Stadium sign
Sign for Phil Welch Stadium
Only from westbound So. 26th St. exit from US 36

The ballpark is in a small river valley just east of the Fairview Golf Course. The ballpark itself is itself, when coming from the north and/or east (such as the So. 26th St. exit), about the only landmark you'll see. A vacant lot extends from Agency Rd/So. 26th St. so the light towers, outfield wall and stadium roof are about all you need to look for. You may also notice signs for the Bode Sports Complex or the George Bode Jr. Ice Arena (immediately next door to the ballpark).

If coming from So. 22nd St. (downtown), do not confuse the small ball diamonds west (on your right if driving south into the valley) as the ballpark. There is commercial plant at the intersection and you'll need to turn east and drive down Southwest Parkway to get to the ballpark. On your left you'll see some athletic buildings on the left (north) side of the street and the ballpark will be the last of these.

There are some signs, if you're going in the right direction and have a sharp eye. If you're headed west on US 36 there's a very convenient sign pointing the direction to ballpark after you take the So. 22nd St. exit. But this is only from that exit in that direction. In fact, if you're headed east on US 36 from downtown you'll find yourself making a very sharp U-turn to get back to So 22nd St. to make your left turn.

The street signs for Southwest Parkway are also a little difficult to see. They mainly say "Parkway" with a small "SW" in the upper left corner so they're not as wide nor as obvious as you might expect.

What you should bring with you?

Photo of parking lots
Main parking lot below, secondary lot across the street

Being in northwest Missouri expect hot, muggy weather during the summer. Sunscreen for day games is highly reccommended since the field orientation puts a great deal of sun into the faces of the fans. Though there is a large roof over much of the grandstand, it's placed well back of the best seats which means all the more sun for those in the best seats.