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Midway Stadium

Near state fairgrounds but somewhat hidden;
Named "Municipal Stadium" until 1995

Map Directions with Google Maps

Parking lots shown in blue

NOTE: Address of park is 1771 Energy Park Drive

The "Back" Way
Preferred route from the west & Minneapolis

Avoid massive traffic backup (like during the state fair) via MN 280 and checking live traffic info

  1. I-94 (from south) or I-35W (from north) to MN 280 exit
  2. Energy Park Drive exit and go east to stadium (approx. 1 mile)
  3. There are two traffic lights (one is for state fair buses and only used during the fair) between you and the stadium
  4. The stadium will be on the left

I-94 via Lexington
Preferred route from the east & downtown Saint Paul

This route avoids the heavier traffic and stop lights on Snelling.

  1. Lexington exit north
  2. Turn west on Energy Park Drive (This is where Gabe's is)
  3. Drive 1 mile west (stop signs at Snelling)
  4. The stadium will be on the right

I-94 via Snelling (the "main route" everyone takes)

  1. Snelling exit north towards fair grounds
    If you see the fairgrounds main entrance you've gone too far
  2. Take Energy Park Drive exit
    Snelling passes over Energy Park Drive
  3. Turn right (west) to stadium
  4. The stadium will be on the right

Where is it on the map?

Photo of street view of stadium
Midway Stadium as seen from Energy Park Drive

Unless you have a detailed street map, you probably won't find Midway Stadium on it. If you do have such a map, it may be labeled differently under a previous name: Municipal Stadium or Flatman Field.

Midway Stadium is in northwest St. Paul sandwiched between two east/west sections of railroad track. This means there is no convenient street access from the north or south (only from the east and west). Its immediate neighbors are the St. Paul fire department practice grounds (to the east) and office buildings to the west.

It is an inconvenient block south of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds (inconvenient defined as across the railroad tracks and an inaccessible city block across a field. Thanks to a large fence (built in '97), always empty fairgrounds parking lot is not a viable option.

Midway Stadium is also north of, but not on, the Pierce Butler route. Make sure you take the Energy Park Drive exit if driving on Snelling Ave.

What landmarks should I look for?

Photo of Saints sign
The Saints sign tells you this must be the place

Midway Stadium's most obvious landmarks are its large light towers. These are easily visible from Snelling (particularly at night after the game begins). It is on the north side of Energy Park drive. It has a large blue sign in front along with many nice murals and paintings on the stadium walls.

New in '96 was a white picket fence around the business office. Inside the fence is where Sunday's Reading Tree sessions were held. At that time you could see quite a few kids.

The typical landmark you'll notice are the traffic congestion and groups of people walking on Energy Park drive. A big part of this is the chronic shortage of parking.

What you should bring with you?

At the start and end of the season the evenings get pretty cool so a jacket is recommended at those times of the year. During July & August the weather usually cooperates with a light jacket needed only occasionally.

Midway Stadium has no protection from the sun, so bring sunscreen for day games. Weather varies significantly, so take care on days with little or no wind to prepare for high heat.

With a full house every game there is not enough shelter from the occasional downpour. Since it may be quite a walk to the car, umbrellas are suggested for days with the threat of rain.