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Mascots: This Year's Pig (1993-) and Mudonna (2003-)

This Year's Pig (2006-)

Pig Card

Every year a new piglet is chosen who grows from 20 to 200 pounds over the season. After the end of the season they are put into retirement (not eaten!). At that point their weight really balloons.

For the past several years naming the pig has been left to school children --hence the string of "Ham" references (Hamlet, Hambino, Hamilton, and Hammy Davis Jr from '97-'00) ending in 2006 with "Kevin Bacon." In 2008 the name was taken from a presidential candidate --the winner of the 2008 election "Boarack Ohama."

Saints Pigs (1993-)

The Saint
Saint Paula
Saint Patrick
Saint Tobias
The Great Hambino
Hammy Davis Jr.
Kevin Bacon
Notorious P.I.G. (AKA Piggy Smalls)
Squeal Diamond
Ham Solo
Bud Squealig
Garrison Squealer
Boarack Ohama

Go to for 1993-2005 Saints pig cards

Mudonna (2003-)

Mudonna Card

Joining the Saints in 2003, Mudonna joined the "other" pig at the Midway to add entertainment and walk the ballpark. For the first year she also actually talked. In 2004, she's mute.

"Mud" usually makes at least one field appearance, usually with kids or other mascots. Otherwise she can be found around the ballpark meeting and greeting kids.

Other "Midway Residents"

Sister Roz (2006-)

Sister Roz 1999

A fixture at all Saints games (since 1993) has been Sister Rosalind Geffre and her therapeutic massage ($8 for 10 min.). Not a stunt, Sister Rosalind is a boni fide nun who brings those learning her massage technique to the park to "practice what she preaches." A few moments in the "massage chair" and you'll forget about everything as she (or her staff) press your cares away.

Her time with the Saints has made her a minor celebrity. Ask her for her baseball card.

Saint Carol (2003-)

St. Carol

Sweeping through the stands with a silver face and long blue cape is "Saint Carol." $1 (part of which goes to charity) is all it takes for her to paint your face, usually with some joke (on you, like "Empty" or "Needs a (Wo)Man"). Carol has also been around since '93.

Your Beer Vendors

Ray Your Vendor
Wally the Beerman

"Wally the Beerman," "Ray Your Vendor," Igor & "Trixter" ('93-)

Only the Saints have four "named" beer vendors, two of whom have their own baseball cards. All are usually found at sporting events. The Saints and their crowds ensure you'll find them when there's a game at Midway.

Wally is a local institution having made national TV coverage from time to time. Igor and Trixter aren't as "famous" as Wally but are well known by sports fans in the Twin Cities. Sadly Ray passed away not long after he retired. The loss was felt by all Saints fans


Big crowds can bring big cheers

Since nearly every night is a sell-out (200+ streak for regular season games) there is (usually) a loud and boisterous group nearly every night. Some are into the game. Some are out just for a good time and forget that there's is one. And there are those who are still in the parking lot tailgating.

But make no mistake, there are lots of die-hard Saints fans and regular cheers (like the "Left Right, Left Right" march for batter who strike out). With Eric Webster doing the PA announcing, they may break out laughing as he turns on the "hidden microphone on the mound" when the pitcher has a conference with his catcher or coach. But, aside from yours truly, absent are the usual "charge" or other attempts start cheering --except for the rally song "Shaft" as performed by Sammy Davis Jr.