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Seating Chart

Seating map
Prices (2007)
C$15.00 Club Reserved
Sections G-Q Rows 1-10
C$11.00 Prime Reserved
Sections G-Q Rows 11-20, Sections F & R
C$9.00 On-Deck Reserved
Sections C-E, S-T
C$5.00 Grand Slam
Sections A-B
C$4.00 Grass Berm
Available when grandstand is full

Which seats are for you?

Photo of grandstand
View from skybox level towards press box
Recommended seating for visitors
  • Club Reserved, Prime Reserved Sections N-Q, R

Before the expansion in 2003, stadium was shorter on the first base side, and you might easily have found yourself across the field from your team. Since season ticket holders have most of the prime seats around home plate, you were likely to find yourself way down the third base line. Now seating, though complete on the third base side to the outfield, has more less expensive sections (R, S & T) on the visitor's side near the bullpen.

Many of the same ticket names from the old field carried over to CanWest, but much, much improved. All seats here are a distinct improvement over old Deformity Field. They are a bit narrow compared to the seating at the other new parks, but styled like old wooden seats with "slats" to allowing air to circulate around your back.

Photo of new grandstand sections
Grass Berm and first base seating (2003)

There are still NO General Admission seats except in cases of sellouts. The new berm area, which acts as SRO along with the concourse patio. is convenient to the visitor's bullpen. All seats have back and without splinters (as found at Winnipeg Stadium) --except for the bleachers in the patio area.

It is nearly impossible to book one of the 32 skybox suites. Most are already leased for three years. As expected, if you can get in them, the amenities are fantastic complete with TV, bar, seating for 18-21 outside.

The Goldeyes now easily have the largest ballpark in the league with attendance averaging over 7,000. This is due to the 2003 stadium expansion that had to wait until the City of Winnipeg rerouted Pioneer Blvd. which restricted the original design.

Club Reserved

Grandstand sections G-Q (Rows 1-10)

Season ticket holders have all of these, particularly for the inaugural season at this new park. These are the first ten rows of the prime grandstand sections around home plate.

This doesn't include the Skysuites (skyboxes). The Goldeyes added six more in 2000 (on the third base line) to increase the total to 26.. Then for 2003 they topped it off with 6 more for a grand total of 32.

Prime Reserved

Grandstand sections F & R (all rows) and G-Q (Rows 11-20)

"Prime is right." Unlike the single price at most parks, the rear 10 rows are cheaper (if you can get them). These are the best affordable seats in the league (particularly factoring in the Canadian exchange rate). Unfortunately with the common sellout they are in short supply.

The 2003 stadium expansion added section R which is another great location for visiting fans. If you don't mind sitting in "enemy territory," the same can be said of the front rows in section F.

On Deck Reserved

Photo of third base grandstand
Rest of Grandstand Seating to Section A (and train tracks; 2001)

Grandstand sections C-E, S&T

These seats are the first three sections are the buffer between Prime & Box Reserved and the lowly "Grand Slam" seats on the third base side. Sections S & T, added in 2002, are a reasonable choice if you can't sit closer. Unlike the other parks these are not bleachers. They are just standard seats well into the outfield on the third base line and grass berm.

In the picture (to the right) these are the sections below the last 6 (newest) skyboxes. Sections A & B are the two at the end.

Grand Slam

Grandstand sections A-B

The Goldeyes used to have the cheapest G/A seats in the league at C$3 (around US$2). Now even the cheapest seats are "reserved." But you are guaranteed a good seat with proper back support. Only "drawback" is that it's in the "outfield." These may be the preferred seats for smokers since the "smoking area" is the concourse area along these sections.

Grass Berm

Photo of berm area
Grass Berm and first base seating (2003)
Photo of steps to beram
(Roped off) Stairs to Berm

First Base Berm

Sell Outs Only!

Not to be outdone by newer ballparks, Winnipeg added a grass berm in 2003. Unlike the other ballparks, it's really an "SRO" option. The price (C$3 - 2004) restores the "cheapest" ticket in the league --especially with the exchange rate.

Day of Game Purchase

Photo of old patio section
"Patio" Seating (June 2001) replaced by grandstand expansion and grass berm

Sellouts have become fairly common at the Fish Pond. Unlike the huge, record setting capacity of Winnipeg Stadium, CanWest is similar in size to all the other league stadiums.

Though there's no official SRO the Goldeyes have sold tickets to watch the game from the "patio." Though there are several picnic benches the bleachers make it clear there is "some" GA seating at the Fish Pond. Additional SRO is available (for really large crowds) for those willing to stand on the concourse behind the main sections.

For the 1999 Pan Am Games added (temporary) bleachers where "overflow" crowds can watch the game. Despite the "smaller capacity" they succeeded in 2001 to outdraw the perennial attendance winner St. Paul. With the largest capacity in the league (starting in 2003) the title will likely always stay "north of the border."

Entrance / Box Office Locations

Photo of ticket office
Ticket booth is under the green awning

The ticket office is at ground level at the center of the building. It's 30 steps up to the entrances on the first & third base sides, unless you need to use the elevator that is under the third base entrance.


Online Ticket Order thorough Ticketmaster

Goldeyes tickets can be purchased online or by phone (204-780-3333) from Ticketmaster. The Goldeyes ticket office IS a TicketMaster outlet so you can purchase tickets to other events in Winnipeg any time it's open. This is handy when attending the many other summer events such as the Fringe Festival, Jazz Festival, Folkarama, and other activities.